Discover the advantages

Encourage safe and efficient driving

Keep your drivers aware of their good and bad driving habits by providing feedback on speeding," jack-rabbit" starts and hard braking with CarChip Fleet Pro. Provide incentives for improvement and coaching when needed.

Audible alarms keep drivers on track

Set an alarm to help drivers know when they exceed your speed limit or deceleration limits. Drivers want to avoid costly tickets as much as you do!

Powerful reporting keeps managers aware

Automatically store details of every trip driven in your company’s vehicles. Know how far they went, what time of day they were driven, and how the driver performed. Keep records on mileage, driving time and diagnostic codes to improve vehicle maintenance schedules.

Know the details of any accident

When an accident occurs, CarChip Fleet Pro will provide vital information on the vehicle’s speed, deceleration, and the engine conditions at the time of the incident.

Simple installation, easy access to data

Installation is as simple- just plug and go. Access your data by downloading the data to your office PC. Small businesses can use CarChip Pro's included software while larger fleets will want to use CarChip Fleet Pro and Fleet Management Software to analyze and score drivers' safety and efficiency.

Discover the Possibilities

Small Businesses See Big Savings

From auto and worker’s compensation insurance premiums to fuel, business owners can see big cost reductions with CarChip Fleet Pro. Insurance companies reward businesses...

Add GPS for More Information

Add a GPS module to your CarChip Fleet Pro to give you historic GPS data - know exactly where any trip started and ended. You can also set up real-time text or email alerts...

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