Discover the advantages

Receive alerts that indicate approach of severe weather

Real-time alerts for high wind speeds and dropping barometric pressure help you respond quickly.

Evaluate fire danger based on local conditions

Monitor wind, rain, relative humidity and days since last rain in your community to increase fire danger accuracy.

Track conditions during natural disasters and hazmat incidents

Cell-based data transmission allows first responders to set up weather monitoring equipment in the field to evaluate and act on changing conditions.

Rugged equipment sets up easily for remote on-site monitoring

Whether it’s extreme heat or cold, heavy rains, or tornado or hurricane season, you can monitor changing conditions at a remote site anywhere you have internet access.

Discover the Possibilities

Community-Based Station

A Vantage Pro2 installed at the fire station or downtown, along with WeatherLinkIP, provides local weather to community-based emergency response teams via the internet....

Mobile On-site Station

Vantage Vue’s compact design and easy setup provide onsite weather data where and when it’s needed. It provides wind speed and direction,...

Remote Monitoring

Areas that are most prone to fire, extreme temperatures, or potential flooding are rarely conveniently located near the hospital, fire station, farm office or community...

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