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Simple Installation and Downloading

Plug-and-go installation takes less than 30 seconds: just plug CarChip Pro into the OBD II port. When you are ready to get the device data, simply unplug the device from the vehicle and connect it to your PC. CarChip Pro stores 300 hours of driving data for easy download to your PC. You’ll see each trip’s date, time, and distance, as well as how the driver and the engine performed.

Reduce Cost and Wear and Tear on Your Vehicles

Safer driving means less wear and tear. CarChip Pro will also log engine performance parameters so you be able to troubleshoot engine repairs. You’ll also know whether your vehicle will pass a smog test.


Know What Your “Check Engine Light” Means

CarChip Pro will show you the diagnostic code and its description when your Engine Malfunction light is lit, along with detailed “freeze-frame” sensor readings that show exactly what was happening in the engine at the time it came on. You can even turn the light off.

Software Included is Easy to Use

Download data easily to your PC with included cable. No plan required. The included software lets you review and clear diagnostic codes, view summary and detail reports, and copy data to spreadsheets for further analysis. It also allows you to set audible alarms on the device.


Summary Reports & Graphs

Reports allow you to analyze the data to improve driver safety, as well as review engine performance. Get individual graphs and summary reports for easy review of driving data and engine performance. You can even calculate gas mileage.

Vehicle Activity Report Keeps You Apprised of Important Data

You’ll get a detailed list of the number of miles, distance, and number of days the vehicle was driven and how long it took. You’ll see each trip’s maximum speed, and the number of hard or extreme acceleration and deceleration.

Automatic Accident Log

When an accident occurs (even one without visible damage), CarChip Pro automatically records details for the 20 seconds before the incident. You’ll know how fast the vehicle was traveling, whether the vehicle was accelerating, and the time and date of the incident.


Set Audible Alarms to Alert Drivers When a Limit is Exceeded

Drivers will know instantly when they have exceeded a limit, such as maximum speed, so that they can correct it immediately.

User-set Thresholds Reinforce Safe Driving

Allows user-set thresholds for audible alarms for speed, acceleration, and braking (post-drive reports and graphs show when, for how long, and number of times thresholds were exceeded).

Great Training Tool for New Drivers

Reward good driving practices as your teen learns to drive. Know when your teen has exceeded your limits on speed or time of day, or unplugged the device. Use the data to discourage bad habits like hard-braking while encouraging safe and efficient driving.


Audible Alerts Improve Performance

Set audible alarms for speed, acceleration and deceleration. Real-time feedback helps drivers improve performance.


Monitor Trips and Assign Categories

Stores up to 300 hours of driving data with trip details such as speed, distance traveled, time/date.
Complete trip details including time and date, distance traveled, speed (1- or 5-second intervals) and extreme acceleration and braking. You can assign trips as business, commute, or personal for easy category tracking.

Choose Which Engine Parameters to Monitor

CarChip Pro logs any four of 23 different sensors including battery voltage, RPM, coolant temperature, and fuel trim.

Keep Your Vehicle Emissions Test Ready

CarChip Pro reports which emissions control systems have been tested by the vehicle’s OBD II system. It records misfires, fuel trims and other emissions monitors depending on the vehicle manufacturer make and model. You’ll know before you go in that your vehicle will pass the smog test.

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  CarChip Pro
FeaturesCarChip Pro
Product #8226
Reports GPS data false
Installs usingOBD II connector
Installation time30 seconds
For model years1996 and newer
For cars, vans, and pickup trucksyes
For tractors, big rigs or other large trucks, and buses false
Backup batteryNon-replaceable coin-cell
Real-time alerts via web and email false
Hard/extreme accelerations and decelerationsyes
Hard/extreme cornering false
Onboard three-axis accelerometer false
Onboard alarms for acceleration/decelerationyes
Automatic accident detection with speed dataFor the last 20 seconds before complete stop
Geofence settings false
Trip details (start/end times, distance, speed, etc.)yes
Engine Diagnostic Trouble Codesyes
Ability to reset “Check Engine” lightyes
Encrypted data transfer false
Tamper notification After Data Transfer
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