Wireless On-Board Module

Product number: 8129

A component in the Wireless system, this transmits historical data collected by a DriveRight 600E or CarChip Fleet Pro to a Wireless Base Station. Use one per vehicle.

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Take all the trouble out of downloading driving data to your company PC. With the Wireless Download System, drivers just pull into your parking lot and their data is sent automatically to the PC. Drivers don’t have to do anything or carry anything in the vehicle – it’s that simple.

About the Wireless On-Board Module:

Install one Wireless On-Board Module in each vehicle. Connects to your CarChip Fleet Pro or DriveRight 600E system via the GPS/Wireless Interface Module

Create a complete system using:

  • One #08129 Wireless On-Board Module for each vehicle
  • One GPS/Wireless Interface Module for each vehicle: for #08251 CarChip or #08127 DriveRight.
  • Enough #08130 Base Stations to cover the parking area
  • One #08131 Configuration Cable for the entire fleet
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