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Weather Box Components
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Weather Box

Product number: 6260

A cloud-based personal weather system: All-in-one bundle, easy set-up, updates in seconds. Limited Time Offer! Offered at a discount only through December 31.


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Features & Benefits

Cloud-based Personal Weather Data at Your Fingertips

Get easy access to your personal weather data wherever you go with this all-in-one bundle of weather sensors reporting to the cloud! In a few simple steps, you can install an industry-leading weather sensor suite and, within minutes, view the data on your smartphone or personal computer.

Easy Cloud Access and Sharing

With Weather Box, you instantly join an elite global network of nearly 20,000 weather enthusiasts. You can access your data in many different ways: through our WeatherLink mobile app, on the website or through other industry-leading websites such as Weather Underground. In a few minutes, you can set your account to upload your data to Weather Underground, CWOP, and GLOBE.

Weather Box 6260

Your Weather: Automated, Smart, Reliable

Weather Box is a sleek, smart and reliable weather station that will outlast other stations in its class. The solar-powered sensor suite sends updates as frequently as every 2.5 seconds for current weather conditions, including indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed and direction, dew point and rainfall. The data is then automatically uploaded to your page on By downloading the WeatherLink® free mobile app on your smartphone, you have instant access to weather data and can compare it to other favorite weather stations.


System Requirements

  • WeatherLink software requires a computer running Windows® XP or above. (Note: WeatherLink software is used to configure part of the system during set-up.)
  • Android smartphone and tablet compatible.
  • Not compatible with original Vantage Pro, Envoy8X, or Mac.

International Availability

Weather Box is available internationally via authorized Davis resellers.


Included Items

  • Vantage Vue® wireless weather Integrated Sensor Suite
  • Wireless Weather Envoy™ receiver
  • WeatherLinkIP™ datalogger
  • WeatherLink® desktop software
  • Free access to the WeatherLink Network and our mobile app

Optional Add-On

Get a display console if you want a dedicated display to view current weather conditions.

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