GPS Module

Product number: 8128

A component in the GPS system for DriveRight 600E and CarChip Fleet Pro. Provides historical GPS data for each trip. Plugs easily into the GPS/Wireless Interface Module. Use one per vehicle.

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See how and where your vehicles are being driven.

Add a GPS system to the DriveRight 600E or CarChip Fleet Pro in each vehicle, and see how and where your vehicles are being driven. Download the data to our Fleet Management Software, then use Microsoft MapPoint or other third-party mapping programs to create detailed maps showing each driver’s routes, the speeds driven, and the locations of any accidents or near-accidents.

Plugs quickly and easily into the DriveRight 600E on-board console or CarChip data logger. For GPS capability you must have the corresponding GPS/Wireless Interface Module (#8127 for DriveRight 600E and #8251 for CarChip Fleet Pro). For maximum visibility to GPS satellites, position the module on the dashboard or windshield. Includes 6.5′ (2 m) cable.

Choose a location sampling interval from 5 seconds to 10 minutes. At a one-minute interval, you’ll be able to log up to 44 hours of GPS data.

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