New Products Introduced for Marine & Outdoor Recreation!

We’ve added new Marine & Outdoor Recreation products to help you make 2017 a great outdoor adventure!

Our new Snap Tool Multi-Key is getting a lot of attention. It won the Best Maintenance and Grand Prize overall in Fisheries Supply InNEWvation Awards delivered at Pacific Marine Expo. This product is going to take the world by storm in 2017!

We’ve introduced a new design for Happy Troller products! We updated our Happy Troller products with a new design. Happy Troller mounts on the anti-cavitation plate to allow fine control of trolling speed. At cruising speed, your boat’s stability is enhanced.

Wheel-a-Weigh helps you move your small craft: Get your small craft to and from the water quickly, safely, and easily! Launching wheels for loads up to 330 lbs (150 kg).

Secure Removable Chafe Guard: The Chafe Guard is a good solution to prevent chafing over a cleat, cap rail, where two lines cross or at the anchor roller. Now available in black.

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