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Shockles® by Davis Instruments

Shockles products are U.S. designed and tested to reduce shock loads that commonly occur around boats. On a dock or mooring line, tensions are constant from tidal surges, wakes, winds or currents. Shockles are also found outside the marine industry—anywhere loads are constant or extreme. Shockles are commonly used for towing, securing loads, or in cases where a metal band or rope is suddenly loaded up.

Shock Absorbing Solutions

LineSnubber, AnchorSnubber and DockShockle all feature a patented line limiter and progressive tension design to ease constant or sudden shock loads. Minimizing shock loads increases safety and adds to the longevity of mooring lines, dock lines and anchor lines. Stress on the boat and attachment points are also greatly reduced. Shockles are made with UV resistant nylon webbing sewn over the patented internal line limiter and elastomer system. 316 stainless steel hardware is used for strength, convenience and durability.

LineSnubber blue Shockles® LineSnubber™: Minimizes stress on ALL lines—for use on any boat! Multi-purpose shock absorber that safely absorbs shock loads in demanding situations. Available in blue or black. DockShockle black DockShockle™: Safely absorbs shock loads on smaller, lighter boats up to 40 ft. (12 m).
AnchorSnubber black AnchorSnubber™: Safely absorbs shock loads and helps keep your anchor set. Helps your boat ride comfortably at anchor, even in rough anchorages, adverse currents, or strong winds. Minishockle MiniShockle™: A Bungee Cord on Steroids! Take MiniShockles anywhere you want to be sure your load is held in place solidly, securely and safely. Available in three sizes.
FenderFriend FenderFriend™: A fender whip, hanger and adjuster all in one. Features a built-in shock absorber to receive the impact generated by fenders rubbing against the hull or dock. No more torn fender eyes! LineGrabber LineGrabber™: Add a strong, convenient attachment point to any line with LineGrabber. LineGrabber employs a basic Prussik knot, or constrictor knot, to provide a quick and secure loop.
Stainless Steel hardware Stainless Steel Hardware: Polished 316 stainless steel hardware stands up to the toughest marine and outdoor environments.