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Cable Buddy II

This product has been discontinued.

Cable Buddy™ is a complete steering cable lubricant system.Seals moisture out, puts lubricant in. Prevents corrosion and freezing to -40°F (-40°C). Cable Buddy lubricates and virtually eliminates all wear in the inner cable, where most problems occur. Works on inboard, outboards, and inboard/outboard steering cables. Fits all major US and foreign motors (7/8" x 14 pitch threads). Easy to install.

Includes the stainless steel Cable Buddy Nut with plug and sealing washer, oiling tube assembly, and Max-Lube, the ideal lubricant for steering cables. Cable Buddy comes with 1 lube nut and Max-Lube. Cable Buddy II comes with 2 lube nuts and Max-Lube.

Part #: 00421

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