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Davis products can make outdoor recreation activities from hiking to biking to camping more fun by adding safety, convenience, and information.

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Davis products keep you safe and comfortable while sailing at sea or swinging at anchor.

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Fish, water ski, wakeboard, relax with Davis powerboat products.

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Wheel-a-Weigh Extra Duty

Wheel-a-Weigh Extra Duty

$259.99 (#1483)

Get your small craft to and from the water quickly, safely, and easily! Wheel-a-Weigh Extra Duty launching wheels are for loads up to 330 lbs. (150 kg).

Wheel-a-Weigh Standard

Wheel-a-Weigh Standard

$169.99 (#1482)

Get your small craft to and from the water quickly, safely, and easily! Wheel-a-Weigh Standard launching wheels are for loads up to 220 lbs. (100 kg).

Secure Chafe Guards

Secure Removable Chafe Guard, Black

$29.99 (#397)

Chafe protection is critical at the dock, at anchor, or on a mooring. The Chafe Guard is a good solution to prevent chafing over a cleat, cap rail, where two lines...

Snap Tool Multi-Key

Snap Tool Multi-Key

$12.99 (#382)

A deck plate key with attitude! Many tools in one, this new multi-key wants to go along on your next outdoor adventure! The Snap Tool Multi-Key is a pocket-sized...

Mark 15 Sextant

Mark 15 Sextant

$239.99 (#26)

This model has many great features including seven large sunshades, a 3 mm x 27 mm star scope, and easy-to-read micrometer drum vernier scale that reads to 2/10 of a...

Happy Troller, large

Happy Troller – Large

$149.99 (#460)

A significant invention in the sport of troll fishing, Happy Troller® mounts on the anti-cavitation plate to allow fine control of trolling speed. At cruising speed, ...



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