Keep the Community Aware of Weather Danger

Do you live where weather can change quickly? Do you need to know what’s going on out there right now? With a Vantage Pro2 mounted in your backyard, you can get storm data for your microclimate, and you can share that data with your neighbors and family on Even if you are not at home, you can log on to your page and see your data.

Know the weather in your exact location

Weather reports from the airport 25 miles away won’t really tell you what’s happening in your own back yard, where it matters most.

Share your data

With WeatherLinkIP, your data is available to you from any internet-enabled computer. You can also make it available to your community and to emergency managers. Become a Citizen Weather Observer and report your data to NOAA.

Built to Withstand the Storm

The Vantage Pro2 is built to withstand and report hurricane speed winds, high rain rates, freezing temperatures and scorching sunshine.

Battery back-up if AC power fails

If a big storm knocks out your power, your console will run on the back-up batteries for up to nine months. (The outdoor sensor suite is solar-powered with battery backup.)

Neither of my Davis stations were damaged one bit during 158 mph winds with Wilma in 2005 and 145 mph during Jeanne. My ham radio antennas went down, but the weather stations stayed up and never coughed once. Davis is the best there is. Even when the inside of my new house was getting torn apart due to rain and wind, the [wind] cups on both stayed together and never got water inside the boards.

how we can help you

Mount a Weather Station on Your Chase Vehicle

The Vantage Vue weather station is small enough to carry along in your storm chaser vehicle. It can even be mounted on top of the vehicle. Its compact size and

Know How Your Data Compares

When the weather service reports winds speeds on a storm path, you will be able to compare that data with the wind speed in your own back yard. You’ll know

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