Smart Training

Keeping your athletes injury-free and ready compete is a prime directive of coaches. But when the weather dishes out heat and cold, rain or snow, a coach must walk a fine line in determining how hard to push. Knowing the real-time condition takes some of the guesswork out of keeping your players in top condition during training sessions. Consider wind chill, THSW Index, temperature and humidity, and wind speed and direction. You’ll also be able to tailor your practices to enhance your players game skills.

Weather conditions affect athletic condition

Keep your players hydrated, maintain their core temperatures, and avoid overheating/chilling by knowing the conditions. Your staff will have real-time data and be able to make any adjustments to practices, such as changing the duration of practice, location of practice, altering equipment worn, or the frequency of water and rest breaks.

Tailor training sessions to work with weather conditions

Preparing your athletes to perform in all game weather conditions requires practice. Use current weather conditions to maximize practice times.

Real-time conditions of your micro-climate

Know the conditions on your practice field, now. Updates as often as every 2.5 seconds.

Easy access to information

With WeatherLinkIP automatically uploading your data to the web, staff can access the data on their smartphones.

Include the weather in game performance reviews

Do we choke when it’s hot? Do we outscore the other team when it snows? Know how the weather affects your team’s and each individual player’s performance by reviewing stored weather data from game days.

When we know the heat is going to be high, we can trim down practice and we can tell the kids how much each kid needs to drink before hand. Our practices are fresher, the kids last longer during practices. Having fresher players is the best way to beat your opponent.

how we can help you

Natural Turf Irrigation

Add our Soil Moisture Station to your Smart Training station and further enhance the value of your weather station. Great for monitoring in-field soil moisture

Include Weather in Event Planning

Whether it's a game, a Fun-Run, or a marathon, any time you plan an event you must consider the weather. As the event approaches, your Vantage Pro2 or

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