Small Businesses See Big Savings

From auto and worker’s compensation insurance premiums to fuel, business owners can see big cost reductions with CarChip Fleet Pro. Insurance companies reward businesses with safety programs and unticketed drivers with reduced premium costs. Drivers who operate their vehicles within appropriate speed bands reduce your fuel costs. Keeping vehicles maintained and ready to roll reduces repair and down-time costs.

Control fuel wasting habits, like idling and speeding

See your fuel costs drop with effective driving.

Control safety issues, such as night driving and speeding

Reward drivers with higher safety scores when they drive safely.

Negotiate insurance discounts

Provide insurers with evidence of safety programs, zero tickets or accidents.

Alert drivers when limits are exceeded

Audible alarms go off when the driver slows down or reduces deceleration.

Keep your vehicles maintained

See engine diagnostics and trouble codes, keep track of emissions readiness and maintenance schedules.

Add on GPS tracking

With an added GPS system, you can see exactly where your vehicles were driven.

In addition to providing detailed trip information, CarChip gives the driver instantaneous feedback through the audible alarm. We have eliminated loss because we have eliminated accidents altogether. Our insurance and workers’ compensation rates have dropped dramatically.

how we can help you

Add GPS for More Information

Add a GPS module to your CarChip Fleet Pro to give you historic GPS data - know exactly where any trip started and ended. You can also set up real-time text or

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