Provide Athletes With Microclimate Conditions

Bring real-time microclimate weather conditions into the pits of your auto race, the launch area of your gliding meet, the starting line of your marathon. When participants — athletes, drivers, coaches, crews, fans, trainers — know what to expect, they can bring their best game.

Data is real-time

Vantage Pro2 offers very fast updates. Participants can adjust equipment, tune engines, add layers, hydrate more, or adjust strategies in real-time.

Data is “hyper-local”

Participants need to know the wind speed and direction on the track, not at the airport 25 miles away. With Vantage Pro2, you’ll be giving them data from the venue in which they will be performing.

Reduce Injuries

The key to athletic safety is training and preparation. Give your coaches and athletes the data they need to be prepared and avoid injury.

Access data on the web

WeatherLinkIP automatically uploads your data to the web so all participants can get instant access to it, even from their smartphones.

At the base camp [on Mt. Aconcagua, Argentina] during the climbing season (December-February), I have here an internet station, webcam, art gallery (I suppose the highest art gallery in the world) and give [climbers] free forecasts, the sources are, satellite images and the Vantage Pro2. I am measuring a UV index of 16 every sunny day at midday for three hours!

how we can help you

Include Weather in Event Planning

Whether it's a game, a Fun-Run, or a marathon, any time you plan an event you must consider the weather. As the event approaches, your Vantage Pro2 or

Natural Turf Irrigation

Add our Soil Moisture Station to your Smart Training station and further enhance the value of your weather station. Great for monitoring in-field soil moisture

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