Natural Turf Irrigation

Add our Soil Moisture Station to your Smart Training station and further enhance the value of your weather station. Great for monitoring in-field soil moisture readings and dramatically improving your irrigation decision making.

Protect your asset: your field

A natural turf field is a valuable asset. Maintaining a healthy, dense turf biomass is crucial to the safety and enjoyment of players, spectators, and the community. A soil moisture station can help you water deeply and infrequently so that water is neither wasted nor under applied.

Apply fertilizers and pesticides effectively

Reduce waste of expensive turf products by applying when soil moisture and temperatures are optimal.

Maintain facility landscaping

Extend your weather data to the ornamentals and trees that make your facility inviting to fans.

how we can help you

Include Weather in Event Planning

Whether it's a game, a Fun-Run, or a marathon, any time you plan an event you must consider the weather. As the event approaches, your Vantage Pro2 or

Provide Athletes With Microclimate Conditions

Bring real-time microclimate weather conditions into the pits of your auto race, the launch area of your gliding meet, the starting line of your marathon. When

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