Take Your Station With You

Vantage Vue is small enough to take along on your outdoor adventures. Mount it to your recreational vehicle or your boat, or take it along to mount on your vacation cabin. Self-contained and easy to install, the Vantage Vue will give you the data you need to enjoy your vacation travel, wherever it takes you.

Share your travel weather with family and friends

Let the folks back home see what kind of weather you are enjoying during your travels by uploading your data to WeatherLink.com.

Easy installation and a small footprint

Vantage Connect can ride on top of your recreational vehicle or be set up in minutes when you arrive. The ISS is solar-powered and the console can run on batteries for up to six months.

Travel and play safely

With hyper-local weather data on hand, you can plan your recreational activities with weather safety in mind, no matter where your travels take you.

Since I like it so much, why not use it on our travel trailer? I just attached a short section of metal tube to the ladder, painted it black to blend in and attached it with hose clamps, and use the existing console inside the trailer. It works great and we now have all the weather info in our different camping locations to enjoy! Other campers have thought it was a great idea as well!

how we can help you

Provide Resort Weather for Guests

If guests to your facility come to enjoy hiking, climbing, boating, skiing, sunbathing, sight-seeing, or relaxation, you can enhance their enjoyment by

Keep Your Adventures Safe

Enjoying outdoor recreation safely requires a knowledge of weather conditions. Install a Vantage Pro2 Plus weather station on the mountaintop -- or the 18th

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