Know the Weather at Your Vacation Home

Going to the vacation home is simpler if you know what the weather is like! Set up a Vantage Vue at your vacation home, add WeatherLinkIP for automatic uploads to the WeatherLink Network, and you’ll know with a mouse click whether to pack the down jackets or the fleece ones before setting off for the mountain cabin, or whether today is a good day for wind surfing at the lake house.

Automatic uploads

WeatherLinkIP makes uploading your data to the WeatherLink Network automatic.

Data from your cabin, not the airport

Know the weather for the micro-climate you are interested in, not what’s going on miles away.

Built to take weather extremes

Vantage Vue is built to take the extreme weather of remote recreation areas -- cold, heat, rain, wind --for many years.

I own a Vantage Pro2 and WeatherLink installed in a mountain home in Virginia. Recently, while traveling in Canada, I noted the interior temperature was 45 degrees F. The HVAC service provider checked and confirmed complete failure of all heating. It was caused by a mouse entering the control box of the compressor. In subsequent days, the exterior temperatures fell to single digits. That would have caused interior pipe and toilet damage. A great system in many ways!

how we can help you

Community Weather Watcher

Keep your family, neighbors, community and NOAA updated on the weather in your neighborhood. Set WeatherLinkIP to automatically upload your data to the

Gardener’s Best Friend

Set up a Vantage Pro2 near your planting beds to know exactly how the weather will affect them. You’ll be able to add extra waterings when temperatures rise,

Prepare for Severe Weather

Be ready when the next severe storm hits your home. Whether your neighborhood has seen its share of tropical storms or desert heat, you’ll be able to record

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