Gardener’s Best Friend

Set up a Vantage Pro2 near your planting beds to know exactly how the weather will affect them. You’ll be able to add extra waterings when temperatures rise, or to cover plants when frost threatens. Use wind data to decide when to spray for pests or apply fertilizer. Add a Leaf & Soil Moisture/Temperature station  and you’ll be able to control your irrigation to ensure that water reaches the plant roots rather than being wasted in run off.

Analyze data to optimize growing

Compare weather data from season to season, year to year.

Reduce water and fertilizer waste

Base irrigation and spraying decisions on actual, hyper-local weather data.

Get alarms for extreme conditions

Set alarms for frost or high winds. You’ll know when to protect your plants from damage.

[My Wireles Leaf & Soil Moisture] station is about 30 feet (9 meters) behind the Vantage Pro2 but the signal to the console is strong (distance is about 400 feet through walls). I have charts for all four areas so I can see exactly what's going on in each of the four beds. Davis sure puts out some solid gear!

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