Add GPS for More Information

Add a GPS module to your CarChip Fleet Pro to give you historic GPS data – know exactly where any trip started and ended. You can also set up real-time text or email alerts when any your alert conditions are exceeded.

See where each trip started and ended

Analyze driving performance in light of the trip’s actual location. Is 45 mph an appropriate speed? Know if the driver was in a school zone or on the freeway before deciding.

Low monthly service fees

Service plan fees as low as $5.95/month.

When not in a trip, ascertain the vehicle’s current location

See the last trip’s ending location to ascertain where the vehicle is parked right now.

Our employees are like family members to us and we let them know that they are the public face of Anchor Pest Control. It’s very important for us to be responsive and keep our vehicles performing at their best too. Our drivers know that I will be uploading the CarChip information to make sure both the vehicle and they are working at their highest level.

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Small Businesses See Big Savings

From auto and worker’s compensation insurance premiums to fuel, business owners can see big cost reductions with CarChip Fleet Pro. Insurance companies

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